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The Synergy Library:
Marketing Action Plans

Our goal is to provide you with Marketing Action Plans or MAPs that actually work. If you've joined Our Synergy Family, then we offer you and everyone you sponsor THESE MAPs to help grow your Synergy business.  Everything we teach focuses on using Synergy's Elite Honors Program as your core building block to success. And when you learn how to harness the power of Our 10 10 Club you can accelerate your growth towards financial independence.  On this page are different MAPs. As we create new ones we'll list them on this page. Each MAP fits into one of three marketing goals: Eliminate Heart Disease, Naturally Derived Energy, and Improved Athletic Performance.  We provide you with a brief summary of the MAP. If you're interested, then click on the button for that MAP. You will see a page on your computer open up that will provide you with all the details for the implementation of that MAP. And it's the implementation of the strategies outlined in the MAP that will help you acquire customs for your 650 Up and attract business builders for your 150 Down.

e9 Marketing 

In this MAP we outline a simple marketing strategy on how to use Synergy's e9 energy supplement to build a viable Synergy business. We've developed a Pass Out Card with a simple sampling program that can create customers and attract business builders.

Virtual DVD 

In this MAP we help you understand how to use Our Virtual DVD, which contains 7 video tracks. Four designed to help you acquire customers. Three designed to help you attract business builders. This Virtual DVD is FREE to use and can be sent of anyone with an internet connection.

Family & Friends 

In this MAP we show you how to properly contact your family and friends. If you use this method and the emails we provide, then you will be able to gain customers to help you grow your Synergy business. This will help you create the needed 650 Up to be Elite Honors Qualified

The Synergy Opportunity

In this MAP we help you understand how to use Our Virtual Synergy Opportunity Meeting, which contains 1 powerful video. This allows you to make a business presentation anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. And you can send the URL in an email to help create interest.

Dan Hammer

Our organization is committed to your success. Our goal is to help as many of Our Synergy Distributors as possible be Elite Honors Qualified. This applies to you and anyone you sponsor into Synergy Worldwide.
Together we can impact the health of others in a very positive way. For those that join us in the business we can help them work towards financial independence.
If you have any questions about any of these Marketing Action Plans, then please call me directly at 1-800-966-3012 or email me at dan@agingnomore.com.
Have a Blessed Day!

The Synergy Library

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The use of this material is no guarantee of success but it can help you combine your passion with competency to empower you and your Synergy business.

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